Why Create? Why Not?

In school, I was always good at math. I knew my facts. I knew how to solve Algebra problems because I saw Mr. Smith do it and could reciprocate that on my paper.
So, as an elementary teacher, teaching math was easy for me. Kids, this is how you do it, now do it. "Mr. Allen, why do I do that?" "Because, that's how you to solve the problem."
What's missing? Why. Why do you do it? Elementary math in our district, rightfully so, in my opinion, is focusing more on the why.
This morning I had a discussion with members of our curriculum department about some of my frustrations about the lack of creating that our students do on the iPad. Their question - Why? Why create on the iPad? What need isn't being met? I didn't have an answer on the tip of my tongue. My first thought was "why not?" Unfortunately, that's not good enough. I've got to do better than that. So I do some soul searching today and jotted some notes down: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s52/sh/8bfd3788-c5ab-46da-9c46-4bf14266f4ab/905dc999f95c6dcdfb088f544ff948bf
I think there is a large divide in educational philosophy that will probably come to the surface. Everything revolves around testing. That's what's important. We have 21st Century Skills posters (our version) all around, but our time and energy (what we value) is spent on assessment. So we'll see. So why do I want any thoughts or suggestions you have? Why not? :)