Thinking about 1:1

We are getting ready for our second computer lease purchase for our secondary buildings. We are struggling with what and how many devices to buy. It's really caused me to do some thinking about what I feel is "appropriate" technology in schools. I go back and forth quite a bit, but a question DMd to me today allowed me to craft my thinking a little better.
I've really respected and thought hard about what York (NE) Public Schools is doing. Instead of giving every student a device, they've focused on providing carts of devices for students to choose from. Maybe a Chromebook for writing a paper, but an iPad for creating, editing & publishing a movie. The more you research online, the more you see this philosophy being promoted. As much as I love my iPad, it's not the best for EVERY situation.
But I also think every student should have their own device. I realize not all students can afford an Internet-enabled device, but I like the idea of students being able to bring in their own device to the classroom. If the student doesn't have a device that will meet his/her needs, they can pull a different device from the cart. The only part I struggle with is the training & troubleshooting of devices students bring in. It's easy to say that students should/will be able to troubleshoot on their own. Putting a device in the hands of a student doesn't not automatically input the manual into their brain. Many of our staff won't be willing to learn multiple devices, nor do I necessarily expect them to. This is where the idea of providing a 1:1 for students comes back into play in my mind.
So, that's where I'm at. I'm not sure there is a perfect solution, short of 5 carts of every type of device out there.