The Recess Debate

As my own son gets ready for kindergarten in 17 days (we have a countdown at home), it's been fun to see how excited he is to go and learn. He said they other day he's excited for music and art class because he doesn't know what those will be like (although we listen to music, bang on things & draw pictures at home). He's appetite for learning is insatiable right now…and I'm nervous it won't last long.

This blog post about the value of recess was shared on Twitter today (h/t Stephen Ransom). HOW CAN RECESS NOT BE IMPORTANT?!?!? In the continued discussion between Stephen, myself, and Josh Stumpenhorst, I noted how different administrator opinions can be around this topic. It's just amazing to think that kids don't get to go out to recess because you "can't staff it." How many staff do you need? And you're the boss - get teachers out there! Figure it out! I just find it hard to fathom. If you don't value recess, what do you expect of your kids? What do you expect them to be when they grow up? Do you enjoy sitting indoors for 8 hours a day?

We all have the same amount of time in the day. The "we don't have enough time" argument infuriates me more than I let on. You make time for what you value.