Sticking up for 2016

As the calendar flips to 2017, many people have been quick to say what a horrible year it was. They, rightfully so, point out the many famous celebrities who died, the controversial elections, and other horrific events. I kind of feel like I have to stick up for 2016. Yes, there were many tragedies that I don't condone and sadden me just as much as the next person. Yes, there are always ways for us to improve in how we treat others. However, our family was lucky enough to welcome our fourth child (3rd daughter) into the world. She is a beautiful child of God that I hope to raise to make the world a better place. As with our other kids, my wife and I are raising them to be people who will make a positive impact on society in how they act every day. Not everyone has to be a nuclear physicist or professional athlete to impact society. All of us can do it every day with our neighbors at home and at work.
Many people seem to be quick to attach an extreme feeling to events. The 24/7 news cycle perpetuates it in order to grab headlines, many times with little actual context of history. While many will be quick to try and erase 2016 from Wikipedia because it was the "WORST YEAR EVER!", our family will look back fondly on 2016 as the year we welcomed a beautiful new member.