Lucky to be your Dad

I tell at least one of my kids "I'm lucky to be your Dad" nearly every day. You may think they know it, but how good are they at reading your mind? You have to back that up with actions - a hug, a high five, acknowledging them as they're telling you about a very minuscule detail compared to what your day was like important part of their day. It's important to verbalize your feelings so you leave no doubts. I am continually reminded at how short the time is we have with our kids as kids. I need to do a better job of shutting off the TV, putting down my phone, and saying "no" to certain other activities. I would love to run a half marathon some day. But right now I'm not interested in committing the time needed to make that happen. Maybe I never will. I admire people who do make the time. Right now, that's not me.
I would like to golf more, and better! This summer I'm hoping to take at least one of the kids out golfing with me when I go. It's expensive and takes time, but I've got some gift cards to a cheap course and the blessing from my wife to take some Sunday afternoons and evenings to hit the links. We need to be intentional about our actions and words. Saying I love you without looking up from you phone doesn't count.