It's time

For the longest time I've been hanging on to these time wasters. Both of these apps are quick ways to occupy a small amount of time. They are great games and easy to play, but don't bring true value to my life. During a recent Dads in Ed episode, A.J. Juliani talked about his writing process for blogging. He has worked his way up to 1000 words a day. And then he said what I was thinking: "I can't commit to 30 minutes on a treadmill, but I can commit to 1000 words a day." Seriously. EXACTLY my life right now. It's a complete mindset thing for me. But that'll be another post later. So, while I won't be doing 1000 words, nor will I commit to posting every day's writing, step 1 for me was to do a bit of de-cluttering from my phone.