Be Real

I have been blogging for a long time on a variety of platforms. My "Picture a Day" blog, where I've been sharing our life with family and friends for almost eight years now, has been on three different platforms (Apple's Mobile Me, Posterous and now Blogger). My main professional blog, which has dried up a bit in the past few years, is on Blogger. A few years ago, as my love for Evernote was growing, I discovered, a platform that tied in with Evernote. I've made a few posts here and there, my biggest being an announcement about switching jobs, but I haven't been consistent. With the recent news that Evernote is changing its pricing structure, I've been looking into alternatives for note taking, even though I had starting using Evernote more again recently. It seems anytime a technology tool changes it's pricing structure, it becomes a great opportunity to evaluate your options. Then I get an email from, where they are criticizing themselves (read here) for a recent slide in production and customer service. I was amazed. It's not very often that a company comes out to say, hey, we messed up, this is how we're going to make it right.
So, what that means is that, yes, I'm back for another post on I'm not sure that I will pay for it yet because, at this time, the main benefit of paid is multiple sites and I don't think I need it at this time. And I may pay for Evernote. We'll see. Regardless, the honesty of has definitely caused me to give it another look.