Back to work

I spent the good majority of my winter break doing just that - taking a break. It was wonderful, even without snow to go play in. Although I will never turn down a lazy day at home with the family, I am looking forward to heading back to the office today.

For the last few months of school, here's a couple bigger things I'll be working on:
  • #GoOpen - our district committed to the #GoOpen initiative in October. I am meeting with our K-1 math folks this month to help get our content organized and prepared to share out. I have two presentations coming up at different conferences on our #GoOpen journey and we are hosting a #GoOpen Summit in March. This initiative has also led to some great conversations about copyright and other areas we can use openly licensed resources. Throughout the next few months I will also be meeting with other groups of teachers to see how openly licensed resources could benefit their students.
  • How can Breakout EDU and robotics fit into existing curriculum? We've got both at one of our elementary buildings, but they can't be just events. We have to find ways for teachers to utilize them during regular instruction.
  • Better utilizing G Suite and our Chromebooks - you can't be good at everything, so we can we do better with the tools we have? That is something I'm constantly researching!
That's the next few months in a nut shell! There's always things that come up, but it's a safe bet that all three of those will be discussed every week if not more often.